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Mirror Lake Video

March 24, 2017

Mirror Lake, a popular paddling destination located near the Wisconsin Dells, offers a diverse canoe and kayak experience not often found in a lake setting. It’s wonderfully scenic and…

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Mirror Lake

November 20, 2016

Mirror Lake State Park to Lake Delton
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One of the prettiest lakes in Central Wisconsin, Mirror Lake, located just outside of the Wisconsin Dells/Lake Delton area, offers a…


Wisconsin River: Lower Dells Video

April 15, 2016
Part two of our 2015 fall flotilla captures even more beautiful sights of the Wisconsin River. This time, it's a stretch of the Lower Dells...

Wisconsin River: Upper Dells Video

April 8, 2016
Best explored with paddle in hand, the Dells of the Wisconsin River is a must-visit destination. Have a look at part one our annual fall flotilla on the Upper Dells...
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Wisconsin River XIII

December 8, 2015

River Bay Road to Norway Drive
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Divided perfectly to highlight the best of the upper and lower dells, these 11.5 miles are full of breathtaking formations,…