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10 Years of 10 Fave Gear

By on December 28, 2018

There’s certain gear that will live you for life, the kind you can depend on and trust. In the years since starting gear reviews, there have been some that…

Gear Review

Book: Paddling Illinois

By on May 2, 2010
Everything you've come to expect from the Paddling series is here. We couldn't live without Paddling Northern Wisconsin or Paddling Southern Wisconsin by Mike Svob...
Gear Review

Book: Paddling Northern Wisconsin

By on April 30, 2010
Paddling Northern Wisconsin by Mike Svob is another must-have book for paddling in Wisconsin (Paddling Southern Wisconsin being the other)...
Gear Review

Book: Paddling Southern Wisconsin

By on April 29, 2010
Paddling Southern Wisconsin by Mike Svob is nothing short of a bible for paddling in Wisconsin...