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Baraboo River

Paddle Guide

Baraboo River Paddle Guide

March 20, 2016
Approximating 120 miles in length, the Baraboo River is recognized as the longest free-flowing river in the country that has been restored after the removal of its many damns. That alone is a pretty cool fact...
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Baraboo River V

May 9, 2015

La Valle to Reedsburg
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A trip that begins with a bang of rapids, several scenic sandstone bluffs, an expedition trek to an incredible waterfall (albeit artificial), but then…

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Baraboo River IV

July 7, 2014

Haskins Park to Highway 33
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A trip of contrasts that begins in an urban setting and ends in the country, first surrounded by downtown buildings and a circus…


Baraboo River Video: Haskins Park to Highway 113

November 12, 2013
Here's a look at our favorite section of the Baraboo. It's a short trip but with countless riffles and brisk current, it's perfect for a half-day trip...
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Baraboo River II

May 29, 2013

Haskins Park to Highway 113
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This very short trip down the muddy waters of the Baraboo offers a little excitement with its countless riffles and brisk current…