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10 Year Anniversary


10 Favorite Miles Paddled Moments

By on January 1, 2019

Last January we started the new year looking back at 2017 in our first-ever “Year In Review”, but we’re already deviating from that formula because we’re at the end…


10 Years of 10 Fave Gear

By on December 28, 2018

There’s certain gear that will live you for life, the kind you can depend on and trust. In the years since starting gear reviews, there have been some that…


10 Favorite Destination Photos

By on December 7, 2018

I had a really hard time deciding what to call this group of photos. I mean, these aren’t necessarily “paddling” photos, though they were taken while out on paddling…


10 Favorite Comments

By on November 16, 2018

Throughout the years, Miles Paddled has received thousands, literally, thousands, of comments. They mostly arrive via email or directly to the site, but also to Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Vimeo,…


10 Favorite Wildlife Photos

By on November 2, 2018

Wildlife photos are usually my favorites because I appreciate how hard it is to capture a “perfect” moment while in a moving boat and competing with the natural fact that…