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Gear Review

Presto MyJo Coffee Maker

By on November 10, 2018

I’ll admit, this may be an odd choice of gear to review, but then again, not really if you know me. (And really, this is no more odd than…

Gear Review


By on October 19, 2018

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my pfd (personal floatation device) since the day I bought it. It was the same day I bought my first boat, a paddle,…

Gear Review

Yakima JayLow Kayak Roof Rack Review

By on June 24, 2018

For years, paddlers have had to choose between one of two manufacturers when it comes to roof racks and requisite components: Thule and Yakima, though there is a dark…

Gear Review

Aqua-Bound Whiskey Fiberglass Kayak Paddle Review

By on June 6, 2018

Earlier this year, with a keen eye cast on the coming season, Aqua-Bound Technology released two brand new paddles available in three stunning colors: the high-angle blade Whiskey and…

Gear Review

Perception Expression Kayak Review

By on April 9, 2018

Three years ago I got together with an old friend over a few beers to catch up on a Saturday night. Not just any Saturday night, however; it was…